The StarCraft II World Championship Series Circuit occurs across four DreamHack stops, each with a $100,000 prize pool and circuit points that qualify players for the end of year Global Playoffs. Come join the fun with us at stops in WCS Austin, WCS Jönköping (at DreamHack Summer), WCS Valencia, and WCS Montreal! These events will have open signups starting about two months prior to each event, with the first of these opening for WCS Austin at the end of February. Players will also be able to qualify and earn trips to events through WCS Challenger, stay tuned for details on that process!

For full rules please see the 2017 announcement news and the official competition rules, terms, and conditions here. For more details regarding the StarCraft II World Championship Series 2017 season, read the full overview here.

Residency Requirements

From the WCS 2017 rules:

If you want to participate in a WCS Circuit Event or any event that may award points toward the WCS Circuit Standings, you must provide Blizzard with proof that you are either a citizen, a permanent resident, or a qualifying foreign resident of a country in one of the following Circuit Regions:

  • Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Latin America
  • China
  • Oceania, Southeast Asia
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan

For the purposes of the WCS, a “citizen” is a participant who is a citizen of a Circuit Country, and a “permanent resident” is a participant who has legally qualified for permanent residency in a Circuit Country and has resided in that country for at least one year prior to the first match of the event in which the participant wishes to participate.

For the purposes of the WCS, a “qualifying foreign resident” is a participant who has provided Blizzard with proof that he or she has resided in a Circuit Country for at least one month prior to the first match of the event in which the participant wishes to participate, and who has provided Blizzard with a copy of his or her passport and a copy of his or her valid resident visa for that country that does not expire until after the conclusion of that event. A “qualifying foreign resident” may travel for non-competitive reasons outside of his or her [country of residence] only for a maximum of five weeks during the WCS Period, and must obtain Blizzard’s approval in advance before traveling outside of his or her country of residence during the WCS Period unless the travel is for purposes of participating in a WCS Global Event. In addition, a “qualifying foreign resident” must win at least 100 StarCraft II ladder games per month in his or her Circuit Region, and must play all StarCraft II [online] tournament and ladder games from his or her Circuit Region. [Blizzard may waive one or more of these “qualifying foreign resident” requirements for participants who provide Blizzard with proof of their consistent residency in a country since January 1, 2013.]

In order to prove citizenship, permanent residency, or qualifying foreign residency, you must provide Blizzard with a Account for verification purposes, and the country of residence of your Account must be one of the Circuit Regions set forth above. Your BattleTag must match the tag of your public persona and Blizzard must pre-approve your BattleTag before you can enter the WCS.

If you have any questions about the residency requirements, or wish to submit documents to become a “qualifying foreign resident”, email, and Blizzard can begin the verification process. Blizzard’s decisions as to residency and citizenship are final and binding.

Prize, WCS Points

Ways to Watch

The best ways to watch the action is in person! Head on over to our tickets site where you can purchase tickets for each event. First event coming up will be WCS Austin, don’t miss out! All the best games will be streamed online so if you can’t make it out in person be sure to tune in online!

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