WCS Montreal Community Caster Applications

Our 2018 WCS Circuit is coming to a close and StarCraft II is making its fourth stop in Montreal. Players will fight for a share of $101,000 USD and a trove of WCS Points, with the winner earning their way to the end-of-year WCS Global Finals.

You have the chance to cast day one of the WCS Montreal group stage by applying to become a StarCraft II Community Caster! See below for instructions.


Send your application via email to sc2@dreamhack.se with “Community Caster WCS” in the subject line. Please include your full contact information (name, Discord contact, email address, Twitch channel, etc.), preferred language, and anything else you think might help you stand out!

Please note that all successful applicants must broadcast from their own Twitch channel, and that all streams broadcasting the tournament will need to comply with Blizzard Entertainment’s advertising and sponsorship policy:

– Gambling, including raffles and fantasy sports betting, cannot be associated with the competition in any manner.
– The competition cannot be sponsored by any companies that sell or promote any of the following products:
o Pornography (or extremely mature material)
o Alcohol
o Tobacco or cigarettes
o Firearms
o Gambling websites
o Hacking, gold services, account or key sellers

The application process will close on August 20th. Only a limited number of casters will be accepted.

Stay Up To Date

Be sure to keep up to date for news and information surrounding WCS Montreal at DreamHack Montreal. You can find our Twitter at @DreamHackSC2, and at our DreamHack Montreal 2018 event page. And of course wcs.dreamhack.com will continue to be our home for all information regarding the upcoming WCS Circuit events at Dreamhack. For more information regarding the StarCraft II World Championship Series, head over to wcs.starcraft2.com.

Ticketing information for DreamHack Montreal can be found on dreamhack.com/montreal, as well as updates regarding other LAN events and esports tournaments. Watch and compete!