WCS Montreal Sign Ups Open

The WCS Circuit is nearing completion! Serral has cruised through the year as our final boss and it’s time to see who can stop him (maybe) at WCS Montreal.

$101,000 in prize pool and 12,600 WCS Points are on the table, with the winner earning their way to the end-of- year WCS Global Finals and their place in history. To sign-up, simply fill in the fields below and submit to be a part of our registration list.

Competitors will need general admission for DreamHack Montreal. Please note we have updated our registration process this time around, and competitors will need confirmation to finalize their placement in our event. You can also save this link to submit your information, instead of using this page directly.

As with our previous events, WCS Montreal will include 64 open sign-up spots for successive group stages, withWCS Challenger players gaining entry to the third group stage followed by a playoff bracket.

Note: We are now only accepting submissions to be a part of our wait list as the open slots have been filled.

Stay Up To Date

Be sure to keep up to date for news and information surrounding WCS Montreal at DreamHack Montreal. You can find our Twitter at @DreamHackSC2, and at our DreamHack Montreal 2018 event page. And of course wcs.dreamhack.com will continue to be our home for all information regarding the upcoming WCS Circuit events at Dreamhack. For more information regarding the StarCraft II World Championship Series, head over to wcs.starcraft2.com.

Ticketing information for DreamHack Montreal can be found on dreamhack.com/montreal, as well as updates regarding other LAN events and esports tournaments. Watch and compete!