Neeb wins WCS Montreal

With a solid and convincing performance, the American Protoss Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft has won WCS Montreal after defeating Jens “Snute” Aasgaard in the grand final, thus earning $25,000 USD in first prize and taking his third WCS title this year.

Austin, Jönköping, and now Montreal. Neeb’s performance in the WCS circuit has been something out of the ordinary, taking one title after another. Today he managed to secure his third WCS title in 2017 after defeating the Norwegian Zerg Snute in the grand final. With a tournament record of 17-2, Neeb is showing some great promise before WCS Global Finals.

The day started with the semifinals were Neeb faced TRUE, a PvZ ending rather quick after three games on the maps Odyssey, Interloper and Mech Depot. In the second semifinal, Elazer faced Snute, a direct ZvZ rematch from their last showdown at WCS Valencia earlier this year. That time, Elazer managed to win the whole competition after a close 4-3 series. This time though, Snute managed to secure victory, winning the series 3-2.

The grand final, played Bo7 in front of a full-house crowd, would prove difficult for Snute, facing an opponent with a lot of momentum. After a failed hydralisk all-in by Snute on Odyssey, Neeb took control of the series and never gave Snute time to recover. The following three games, never lasting longer than 10 minutes, were all won by the protoss player, thus ending the final 4-0. Big congratulations to Neeb!

Thank you for watching WCS Montreal this weekend! We hope that you enjoyed the tournament and the broadcast! Now we look forward to the WCS Global Finals in Anaheim, California, November 3-4!

Today’s results

Semifinal #1: Neeb vs TRUE 3-0
Semifinal #2: Elazer vs Snute 2-3
Grand Final: Neeb vs vs Snute – 4-0

Final results

1st – $25,000 + WCS Global Finals + 3,000 WCS Circuit Points – Neeb
2nd – $10,000 + 1,400 WCS Circuit Points – Snute
3rd-4th – $6,500 + 900 WCS Circuit Points – TRUE , Elazer

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