WCS Montreal Ro16 Bracket

Time for the bracket for WCS Montreal! Tomorrow our final 16 players face off in a single elimination bracket to determine our fourth and final WCS Circuit champion for 2017. At stake is pride, ego, and $100,000 along with 11,000 WCS Points and final dream to achieve eternal greatness at BlizzCon.

Here are our matchups for the Round of 16:

Neeb vs souL
Harstem vs Scarlett

Cham vs Nerchio

Serral vs MaNa
MaSa vs Elazer

Snute vs Has
Showtime vs Kelazhur

Tomorrow we will broadcast one half of the Ro16 on the main stage, with the second half covered on https://www.twitch.tv/wardiii.

Saturday 9th

11:00 Pre-show
11:15 RO16 – Harstem vs Scarlett
12:35 RO16 – Cham vs Nerchio
13:55 RO16 – MaSa vs Elazer
15:15 RO16 – Showtime vs Kelazhur
16:35 RO8 – 1
17:55 RO8 – 2
19:15 RO8 – 3
20:35 RO8 – 4

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If you’re not able to attend DreamHack Montreal, you can follow the StarCraft II WCS games on Twitch.

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