Elazer wins WCS Valencia

The grand final of WCS Valencia was a nail-biting clash between two powerful zerg players, but only one could stand victorious. After seven hard thought battles we now have our WCS Valencia champion: Mikołaj “Elazer” Ogonowski!

Aleady at WCS Jönköping, Elazer showed proof of great shape, placing 3rd-4th and hinting about his true potential. At Valencia, Elazer showed the crowd just how hungry he was for a title. In the playoffs he took out opponents such as Has, Nerhcio and TRUE, always with the score 3-1. In the grand final he was put against Snute, which proved to be his greatest opponent yet. After four maps, Snute was in the lead with 3-1, but after a great comeback from Elazer on the maps of Blood Boil, Sequencer, and Defender’s Landing, the polish zerg prevailed and won the series.

Our next stop will now be WCS Montreal, September 8-10, and we hope you had a great time with WCS Valencia!

Today’s results

RO8 – #1 Serral vs TRUE 1-3
RO8 – #2 Nerchio vs Elazer 1-3
RO8 – #3 Kelazhur vs Snute 0-3
RO8 – #4 Neeb vs SpeCial 2-3
RO4 – #1 TRUE vs Elazer 1-3
RO4 – #2 Snute vs SpeCial 0-3
GRAND FINAL – Elazer vs Snute 4-3

Final results

1st – $25,000 + WCS Global Finals + 3,000 WCS Circuit Points – Elazer
2nd – $10,000 + 1,400 WCS Circuit Points – Snute
3rd-4th – $6,500 + 900 WCS Circuit Points – SpeCial , TRUE

Video on demand

If you missed the games, you can always watch the VODs over on our youtube channel as soon as they are up!

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Be sure to keep up to date for news and information surrounding all WCS action at DreamHack Valencia. You can find our Twitter and Facebook both at @DreamHackSC2, and of course wcs.dreamhack.com will continue to be our home for all information regarding the upcoming WCS Circuit events, Valencia and Montreal. For more information regarding the StarCraft II World Championship Series, head over to wcs.starcraft2.com.

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