WCS Disciplinary Action

Blizzard banned the player Pavel “Revolver” Belov from all their Esports competitions due to an attempt of match-fixing, thus he won’t participate anymore in our DreamHack WCS Jönköping.

Below, the statement released by Blizzard:

“Blizzard recently received reports from a professional player that he had been approached by a broadcaster with requests to collude on matches for monetary gain.

Upon investigating, we determined the evidence was authentic, but the broadcaster was impersonated by another professional player known by the ID ‘Revolver’.

As a result of his impersonation and attempt to matchfix, ‘Revolver’ is now banned from all current and future Blizzard Esports competitions, and will be removed from the player list for WCS Jönköping.

Competitive integrity is vital for all Blizzard Esports, and we will investigate all reports of misconduct thoroughly and to the best of our ability. Please report any attempts at collusion to us at esportsteam@blizzard.com. “

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